Ingress by Mary Ann Poll

Ingress is fast paced, teeming with mystery and suspense. Being the second book in the Alaska Iconoclast Mystery  Series by Mary Ann Poll this book continues with the life of Kat after the dark battle in Raven’s Cove months earlier. Kat still works with her cousin, the small town Sherriff. Only wishing to put the past behind her, Kat struggles daily to forget more than just the evil that overcame her small town. When the murders start to happen again in Mayor Orthell’s new tourist attraction, (a collection of old (supposedly) haunted buildings), Kat’s loved one’s begin to worry it’s happening again.

Could their imaginations be getting the best of them after the trauma they had survived or will the battle between good and evil begin anew?

Not until a mysterious character reappears does Kat and her family realize the truth.