Caged Eagles

Caged Eagles 17.95

An Author Signed Copy.

Trevor Wells is overpowered by the confining rules and regulations of his society. Unable to break free, he's imprisoned for a crime of self-defense. The people in his life also try to control him; Dr. Leslie Taylor, the counselor keeping him in rehab because she's in love with him. Brandi Lewis, his ex-lover, who will do anything to have him back, and the mysterious spy hired to follow him to Alaska and report his every move. Just when everything seems hopeless, Trevor meets Blaine Martin, a revolutionary leader. Blaine convinces Trevor real freedom can exist again and persuades him to become a leader in this campaign. Winning is slim, but one thing is for certain, Trevor can always find real freedom in the love he has for his soulmate-- Sarah. Will he ever break free of his cage and fly free?

Raining Gold in Windy Waterloo

Raining Gold in Windy Waterloo 9.95

An Author Signed Copy.

An adventure like none other . . . The magical valley of Waterloo hides a secret. A hundred years ago a vast treasure was scattered and buried across the valley. Zack and Chrissy, two adventurers, thought their quest was to find Graybeard, the most dangerous bandit. Little did they know a journey full of menacing creatures, loyal friends, and exciting perils were in store for them. There is one huge problem. Graybeard knows about the buried gold too! Can Zack and Chrissy find the ancient treasure before Graybeard?

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