What does Alaska author, Ron Walden have to say about his fiction titles?

What does Alaska author, Ron Walden have to say about his fiction titles?

Ice Blue Eyes is one of Ron Walden’s many fiction titles. He is a retired officer from the Alaska Department of Corrections and security guard for the Alyeska Pipeline.

He’s taken the passion he had for law and focused it into several detective stories. As the subtitle suggests, Ice Blue Eyes is a story centered around the antagonist’s need for greed, love and revenge.


What is Ice Blue Eyes About? 

An unknown banker from Seattle enjoys a kayaking trip in Alaska until he’s freakishly killed by a piece of ice falling on him. After his tragic death his involvement in bank fraud slowly becomes public.

Trooper Reuben Hayes follows the clues to bankers, Alaskan political figures and a Mexican Mafia Don. How are they all connected? Hayes begins protecting the innocent victims stuck in the heartless game for power, revenge and money. Will he be able to solve the mystery and keep the innocent safe?

This is a book for people looking for a police and political mystery.



1. How did you come up with the idea for Ice Blue Eyes?

The name Ice Blue Eyes came from the lead female character in the story.  She was half native and half Swede with ice blue eyes.  She was also a cold hearted person.


2. What’s the most difficult thing about writing? 

For me the most difficult part of writing is to keep at it.  Unless I stay with the story the time lines and small details get away from me.  The more diligent I am about it the less I have to review my own work.


3. How many books have you written, which is your favorite? 

I now have five published books and one at the editor now.  I hope to have this one published by April. (The sixth book has been released at the time of this blog posting.)


4. You’ve held several different vocations during your life, miner, salesman, carpenter, business owner and corrections officer. How does this diverse background play into your writing?  

Each time I made a change it meant learning different skills.  It certainly kept me from being bored.  It also gave me a varied list of experiences and knowledge.


5. Out of all the careers you’ve had, how did you switch directs and become an author?  

I retired from the Department of Corrections, “after doing 20 years in jail”.  I was called to join the security force on the Alaska Pipeline during the first gulf war.  It was there I came up with the idea to write a story set in Cinch Knot. Everything in the book about the pipeline, its operation,and details about Alaska are as real and accurate as I could make them. (I write fiction, not science fiction. My research is accurate.)


6. How do you handle the challenges of writer’s block?  

I only write in the wintertime.  I fish and hunt in the summer.  I love the outdoors.  While I am pursuing those endeavors I use my slack time to compose the story for the next book.  If I suffer writer’s block I take time off and just think about the story. Usually it works for me.


7. What advice do you give other unpublished authors? 

Getting published is the most difficult part of writing.  I was lucky and found a new publisher looking for young, dumb writers.  He helped me become a writer.  He was patient and helpful and taught me a great deal.  Publishing is the hard part because all the decisions are out of the hands of the  writer.  I had, as I recall, eight rejections before I was “Discovered”.  Be persistent.


8. What author(s) are inspirational to you? 

My favorite authors are Steven Coonts, John Grisham, and J.A. Jantz.  I read a lot of Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler.  There are some new writers I like–C. J. Box for example.




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