Why do I need to start marketing my book with my query letter?

Why do I need to start marketing my book with my query letter?

First, before I answer why it’s important to start marketing with your query letter, I’ll explain why marketing is so important to an author.

What is marketing and why do I need to know about it?

After I became a published author I had to step away from the pages that had been written so passionately and look at this manuscript as if it was someone else’s. What would make people pick this book up out of the thousands? I went to bookstores to read back covers and I read articles online to find what would work for me. I hope the article below will help many of you.

Caged Eagles Published 2010

Who will market my book?

I know I’ve said this in several other posts, but YOU will be the main marketer for your book. Large publishing houses will distribute the book to various outlets but the books won’t sell themselves. Unless they are a best seller and displayed right inside the door, books are stuck on a shelf with hundreds of others. It’s an author’s job to get out there and promote the novel.


  • You created the book and know it better than anyone.

What do I do to market the book?

  • Think beyond book signings! Do anything you can think.
  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Make business cards
  • Attend book signings
  • Create a website
  • Donate a book

This list could go on forever, it just depends on how much time and money an author has to put towards advertising. It’s time to get to know people and make sure they know you and the book.


  • Book stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Small businesses (coffee house)
  • Library
  • Have a friend leave a copy on their coffee table.
  • Have friends post pictures of the book on their Facebook page.
  • Create an ad on Facebook
  • Hold a class on writing
  • Join a writers group
  • Contact magazines or other media source and ask to be interviewed by the paper/ radio.

When should I start marketing?

Raining Gold in Windy Waterloo Published 2012

Marketing begins in your query letter. A query letter is a business proposal sent to agents and publishers. The format includes an opening line, manuscript synopsis and author credentials. The query is not a place to express how much you love your book. It’s an authors first taste of marketing. This is a one page opportunity to pitch the story in a way that will convince the agent/publisher it would interest readers.

Marketing plays a bigger role during the printing process. The title is the first advertising tool you create. Next, the cover should be designed to catch people’s curiosity. Writing a  young adult novel with a black cover is poor marketing. Have you ever seen how many teen novels have dark covers? Your book would end up lost in the endless sea of black on those bookshelves.

During one of my first book signings I met Mary Ann Poll. We started to chat about our own experiences publishing and learned that we both took marketing and applied it to every ounce of our new careers. We had both even gone so far as to find a table cloth that enhanced the cover of our books!

What is your book about? Use that to help you market the book. For example, if it’s Christian based look for Christian book stores to have a book signing. Did you write a children’s fantasy novel? Check with schools and English teachers to see if you can come into the class. Maybe you could be a guest speaker or hold a workshop for the kids?

Marketing is endless and limitless!

If the article above was helpful to you, I invite you to comment below.

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