Where can I find writing advice from a professional? Welcome to Hunt Books!


Welcome to Hunt Books!

Hello readers, writers and authors! My name is Kayla Hunt. I’m a published author and Representative for my publishing company, Publication Consultants.

With this blog, I plan to help fellow writers who are both published and unpublished. I’ll be posting helpful information on all subjects about writing.

  • How to come up with a creative writing idea.
  • How to start a novel.
  • How to get past writer’s block and other challenges that come with writing.
  • Publication, before and after the process.

I also love to support my fellow comrades in this career field. A hobby of mine is to read a local author’s book and interview them. The books are featured on my Facebook page as Book of the Month and the interviews will be posted on my blog. I encourage everyone to read the author’s answers because they provide helpful information about writing. Most of the time, these novels are better than well known works.

Currently, I’m reading books by Publication Consultants, based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I’d also love to hear from authors from other states. My hope is to support small business by promoting authors and hopefully inspire current writers and hopefuls.

I’ve included a little bit more about myself below. The full text version of this can be found at: Becoming a Published Author: Agony and Ecstasy of Writing a Book.

I hated reading, plain and simple. At age seven there were better things to do then read a stupid book. My parents expressed their frustration to my first grade teacher so she found stories equal to the adventures I had on my family’s ranch. The first books I enjoyed and could relate to were the Laura Ingalls Wilder Series.

Books from my Childhood
Books from my Childhood (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

I had not realized my imagination could take me to endless amount of places. I quickly became known as the girl with her nose in a book.

In fifth grade my passion for literature had grown so much that I wondered if I should start my own book. Why not? The authors I had read did it, how hard could it be? I will not forget the fall day in 1995 when I came home to see a spiral, green notebook waiting on my bed.

I asked my mother, “What is this for?”

She stated in a matter-of-fact tone, “For the book you want to write.”

My future was decided right there, with that eighty cent notebook. I told my mother several months later and ten pages into my story, “I know what I want to do when I grow up. I’m going to be a writer.”

The stories came in waves after I set pen to paper. My imagination didn’t stop no matter what I was doing; sitting in class, climbing a tree, running across an alfalfa field or riding the bus to school. I constantly made up little antidotes or plots to follow my daily activities.

My story seems so simple and fairytale-like for aspiring authors! My dream came true, yes, but there is not enough pages to fully explain the hours of patience, hard work, and the stubborn willpower to never give up.

To those reading this and wishing your dream rested on white pages; keep the determination to shift through all the, “no’s” to find the “yes.”

Fill in the form above for free tips on writing or edit on three pages of your story! Learn more about my publications at: http://www.kaylahuntbooks.com/buy.

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