Trying to decide if you should self-publish your book?


Trying to decide if you should self-publish your book? 

Before considering self-publishing give the traditional way a try for twelve to eighteen months. I think many of you will be surprised with the results.

I wonder if people choose self-publishing because they think their book is not good enough for a traditional publisher or because they are too lazy to do the work. Now days, with top speed internet and next day delivery people expect instant results. Let some things be old fashion, try the conventional method! The best things in life are the things we worked the hardest for.

(Photo credit: Paul Stainthorp)”]Holbeach e-book marker [old photo]
Holbeach e-book marker [old photo

Reasons to self-publish your book:

  • No money to publish more than a few copies. A print-on-demand self-publisher might be best.
  • Authors have all the control over the publishing of the book.
  • Shop around and check out self-publishing companies and their contacts, what can they offer you?

Reasons to not self-publish your book:

  • Self-published books are usually poorly edited. This is not always the case, but often. Authors edit their own books and often don’t see glaring errors.
  • It’s easy to be scammed. Remember you want to keep all the rights to your book!
  • Additional cost (Example: editing, book cover design, printing and marketing) can drain a writer’s bank account, leaving the book either in the middle of the publishing process or unsold in boxes.
  • Inexperienced writers know very little about the publishing world. Do you know every single aspect of the business? Do you understand printing options and why to use a certain paper size? Do you know marketing strategies to sell the book? If you are going to self-publish, educate yourself on being an editor, salesperson, publisher and marketer. Become the expert so some doesn’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge.
  • If you don’t have the hours, don’t self-publish. Books do not sell themselves so prepare to add another job to your already busy schedule.

Put in hours of research before trusting a self-publishing site. Learn every detail of the industry. Remember everyone’s experiences are different, so just because someone had success with a company doesn’t mean you will. I don’t know enough about online self-publishing or dealt with companies, so I am not going to recommend any. I want you, as the reader, authors and writers to give your own feedback for all of us to learn. Provide your own self-publishing story, good and bad for others.

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