How do I find writing time during the day?


How do I find writing time during the day?

This is a tricky question and a complex answer. In my own life; I work as a part–time receptionist in the mornings and teach music in the afternoons and early evenings. Squished into the spare minutes and weekends I work as a Representative for Publication Consultants.

On weeknights, I make dinner and clean up within an hour. With a full stomach and daily schedule complete, I find it difficult not to relax and enjoy my evening free of all work. My brain is usually too tired to concentrate on creating surprises and story details. To answer this question, writing can be looked at in two ways.

First, writing can be a hobby. This option refers to writers that never want to share their creations. For these people, creating a book or poem is intimate or maybe therapy. The reasons they write are all their own, closed off to a socially connected world.

Hobby writing is probably more fun and relaxing. It allows the freedom to write whatever the author desires, free from editor’s sharp, bloody pen or publisher’s critical eye. How do hobby writers find writing time between work and life? Without deadlines, publishing or marketing commitments, the freedom to write can vary! When I was younger I wouldn’t write unless I was in (what I call) my, “writer’s mood.” Generally, this happened in May or June because track and school were over and it was raining outside. I would sneak off downstairs to our ancient Gateway computer, ignore the high pitched hum, and write my heart out, feeling everything my characters did.

Often I would be busy with school, sports, music and ranch work so I’d only find writing time twice a month. Those days were my favorite as a writer; there was no pressure, just fun.

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Second, writing can be a career and dedication is needed. If an author wants to make money, especially a small local author, it’s almost a full time job to succeed. I don’t want this statement to discourage readers. There are two things that keep my writing career going, organization and stubborn determination. I make sure I have time to schedule a book signing or meeting. Writing is my career, my priority.

Not everyone has an easy schedule. Many people have demanding jobs, are parents, or are students going through school. Each person that is serious about writing must somehow dedicate a few minutes a day to this art.

Cut one of your television programs and write for thirty minutes. Write during a lunch break for forty minutes. Write in a journal fifteen minutes before bed. After putting the kids to sleep, take ten minutes to write another paragraph. There is no set answer for this post. Each writer needs to find what works best for him or her and stick to that schedule.

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