How do I come up with creative writing ideas?

How do I come up with creative writing ideas?

A friend of mine brought this question to attention recently. We were chatting on Facebook and the subject came around to writing.

He asked, “I’ve always wanted to write but all the ideas I’ve had have been done. How do I come up with creative writing ideas?”

How do we create an entirely original idea? I find this is particularly difficult when I’m trying to write fantasy. The genre is so popular and vast that I worried, has it been done?

I don’t know if it’s always possible, to be honest. This doesn’t mean hope is lost but writers should allow other author’s works to encourage us. My own story, Caged Eagles was influenced by George Orwell’s 1984. I decided after that novel I wanted to write dystopian fiction, (dystopian fiction is an imagined bad place/state where things usually don’t go well). It is okay to allow our favorite stories to influence us, but the fun part of being a writer is creating your own twists and surprises for other readers to enjoy.

George Orwell
George Orwell (Photo credit: jovike)

How did I make Caged Eagles different from George Orwell’s 1984? I continued to read dystopian fiction and research everything I could about the genre. I took notes on small ideas I wanted in my story, for example I knew Bill of Rights would play a part in Caged Eagles, even if it was only one or two amendments.

I let my imagination take over to create characters and lives that fit into the story line that I had so painstakingly researched and developed. Taking each step slowly helped me come up with original creative writing ideas. I follow this formula with every single novel I write. There are some novels that have been in the research process for years, for example my fantasy series.

Things to remember:

  • Read books from the genre you want to write in.
  • Research different elements you want in your story. (Example: Fantasy might have a strong mythology element, so research different cultures mythologies.)
  • Let your imagination create characters, their lives and other story details.
  • Start grouping all the ideas together and write!
  • It takes courage putting pen to paper. It won’t be easy coming up with new creative writing ideas, but it is worth the try.


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