Having trouble finding a Publisher to publish your book?

Having trouble finding a Publisher to publish your book?

The two books listed below are the best way to search for a legitimate publisher to publish your book.

  • Jeff Herman’s Guide To Book Publishers Editors & Literary Agents 
  • Writers Market 


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  1. Find a spare notebook and dedicate it to writing down:
    1. Publishing Company and contact information
      1. Increase your odds of a response and find out exactly who you need to address in your query letter. Double check you have spelled their name right.
  2. Publishing Guidelines
    1. Does your book fit into a genre they accept? Many companies are genre specific. Author’s that don’t follow this request will not get a response.
    2. I’ve seen some companies put a ‘deadline’ on submissions. Sometimes they are overwhelmed with submissions that they stop accepting new ones until they can catch up.
    3. Make sure you include everything they want in the submission. Some publishing houses want only a query letter but some want sample chapters, an outline or other supplemental information.
  3. How do they want you to submit your query?
    1. When I was sending query letters most of the companies wanted email submissions. Some may want postal submissions and if they do be sure to include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) or they will not respond, even if they are interested.
  4. Other Information
    1. Don’t cold call publishers! Wait until they respond to you.
    2. Think about your book as a piece of merchandise. What is your book about? Who is the intended target audience? How do you intend to market the book as the author and main spokesperson for it?
  5. Warnings: Read Preditors & Editors for a complete list of warnings before you publish your book.

6. Before signing a contract, make sure you have read and understand everything! This site provides excellent advice when negotiating publishing contacts. http://www.absolutewrite.com/novels/negotiating_book_contract.htm

7. Ask other published authors if they would recommend a publisher. I highly recommend Publication Consultants.

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