December 6th (Thursday) 4pm - 6pm - Twin Bridges, Montana
Book signing at the Twin Bridges Library. 

December 7th (Friday) 4pm - 7pm - Ennis, Montana 
Book signing at the Ennis book store: Blue Heron Antiques & Gifts.

December 8th (Saturday) 4pm - 7pm - Whitehall, Montana
Book signing at the Whitehall Corner Store.

December 14th (Friday) 5pm - 7pm - Dillon, Montana 
Book signing at the Dillon book store: The Bookstore

Kayla Hunt Bio

Kayla Hunt grew up on her family's cattle ranch in Montana. A love of reading inspired her to begin her own novel at age eleven, and she later attended Montana State University where she majored in music and minored in writing. The world of mystery and intrigue compelled her, and after moving to Alaska, she took the leap and published Caged Eagles, a thriller set in a dystopian future America.  She followed up her debut novel with a children’s thrilling adventure, Raining Gold in Windy Waterloo and continues to work on stories to tease the curious mind. Kayla currently lives in Montana where she teaches private music lessons and writes.